About Us

About Us

A School That Looks Beyond

Welcome to Silver Oaks School, Jaitu, where the school gates open up to trees awaiting every child, the corridors of the campus sing the tunes from the green alleys, classrooms are filled with knowledge that blossoms buds into flowers. Silver Oaks School is a campus that provides a challenging and supportive environment for the best possible programmes of academic and personal development through integrated studies and hands on participation, in order to inspire the love of learning and accomplishment. Come let your child learn from the lap of nature…

Explore Possibilities To Go Higher

We live in an interconnected world that is changing at rapid pace. Preparing our children to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible real-world approach to education. Rooted in this understanding, Silver Oaks is a dynamic school that strives to turn learning into a lifelong journey of enquiry and discovery, culminating in knowledge that matters. Within the broad based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and assess the critical creative thinking skills, flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges. A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the school, for the ultimate Silver Oaks Product — confident, active learners with a strong individuality.

President’s Message

The vision for education, in the world of today, is ushered in by a dramatic technological revolution. We now live in an increasingly diverse, globalized and multi-faceted society. Education system needs to be laced with a project based curriculum for life which aims at engaging students in addressing real-world problems, issues important to humanity and answering questions that matter.

Chairman’s Message

Our belief…..

There is a rainbow across our heart, then the sun shines with the light of success, a ray of hope…

The elusive light of success reckons with hands outstretched. We reach out for the magnificent ball of fire its brilliance unparalleled. The light has a magical aura and shines in our hands. We have clung to it with a tenacity that says,’ Come what may, we won’t let go”

Principal’s Message

Dear All
Education is meant for preparing an individual for life. For leading a happy and contented life, one needs to reach the level of self actualization. And a value based quality education is the key to lead a life at the highest level of motivation. Every individual is naturally gifted with certain instincts. It is the school education which forms the basis to channelize those instincts in the

Our Motto

“Nischay Kar Apni Jeet Karo”

“Victory through self determination” Guided by the words of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji this motto is a source of inspiration to all. The motto is embodied and reflected in the lives of all Silverians past and present in their unwavering commitment to the values that Silver Oaks stands for.