About Members

President’s Message

The vision for education, in the world of today, is ushered in by a dramatic technological revolution. We now live in an increasingly diverse, globalized and multi-faceted society. Education system needs to be laced with a project based curriculum for life which aims at engaging students in addressing real-world problems, issues important to humanity and answering questions that matter.

The focus is towards research-driven, outcome-based active learning aided by an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum.

At Silver Oaks School, it will be our endeavour to not only impart education, but more importantly, to build up in our students skills such as critical thinking, agility and adaptability, initiative, problem solving, curiosity and imagination, effective oral and written communication, and the intellect by which one can stand on one’s own feet.

The 21st century will demand knowledge generation, not just information delivery. Silver Oaks School’s Learning System architects the path towards achieving knowledge based, self-enhancing, near real-time updated knowledge management system.

Let us pledge to make our quest to creative excellence in education never cease.
Warm Regards,

Mr. Sarup Chand Singla

Chairman’s Message

Our belief…..

There is a rainbow across our heart, then the sun shines with the light of success, a ray of hope…

The elusive light of success reckons with hands outstretched. We reach out for the magnificent ball of fire its brilliance unparalleled. The light has a magical aura and shines in our hands. We have clung to it with a tenacity that says,’ Come what may, we won’t let go”

Silver Oaks School is the inspiration and vision of every member of the family..We dedicate the school to the most pious of all relationships- that of the Teacher and the Taught, as that is the very base of a progressive institution. We place before you a dream, a school with a difference, a creation of the students, by the students and for the students.

The school should be marching ahead hand in hand towards a vision. It should be a ‘Shared Vision’ which all share-seeing the beautiful flowers playing in the garden growing into well balanced harmonious personalities so that at the time they leave their alma matter they stand confident and strong enough to face the challenges of life. They find that they have been trained in such a way that they are not merely human encyclopedias stuffed with knowledge and information but proud students who also know how to act upon and use the knowledge positively.

Real learning does not occur under any type of stress or fear as it kills the synergy of the people who work. The school, for each member of its family, should be a happy learning experience where everybody has the freedom to think, freedom to act, freedom to learn, freedom to experiment and above all freedom to express.
Soar High and Touch the Sky.
Warm Regards,

Mr. Inderjit Brar

Principal’s Message

Education is meant for preparing an individual for life. For leading a happy and contented life, one needs to reach the level of self actualization. And a value based quality education is the key to lead a life at the highest level of motivation. Every individual is naturally gifted with certain instincts. It is the school education which forms the basis to channelize those instincts in the right direction.

Silver Oaks School has been contributing commendably in providing quality education laced with moral values for long in Bathinda. To broaden its horizons to suburbs around Bathinda, it has taken its first step by starting Silver Oaks Jaitu. This, besides local Jaitu, will cater to 25-30 nearby villages. This way, now an excellent quality of education will be available to the people of the area at their doorstep.

The basic philosophy of Silver Oaks School in relation to education is to respect the individual differences and to allow the natural growth of the child by providing an atmosphere conducive to it. Such an atmosphere is perfectly suitable for a child to imbibe and assimilate all the desirable values and learn the required life skills.

There has been a great shift in approach towards education from teacher centric to child centric in general but Silver Oaks is among the pioneers in this regard. At Silver Oaks, learning is actually fun and the students are encouraged to explore the things by themselves
Advanced teaching-learning techniques are used to impart knowledge and develop understanding of the concepts which ultimately gives rise to wisdom among the children. This is how we strive at Silver Oaks School to develop our students into worthy individuals, who will make a constructive contribution in building up a healthy society and making the world a better place to live for everyone.

Warm Regards,

Dharminder Kaur